Excessive soil acidity, as noted by a low pH, has long been recognized as one of the main reasons why soils have become less productive.  The idea of adjusting the pH by means of a nutrient supplement, as one of the most effective production practices the farmer can initiate and maintain is well established.  Supplying calcium and magnesium to adjust soil acidity has been an agricultural practice for centuries.

      Today the use of these materials has become associated with proven agronomic and economic benefits.  Application of agricultural lime or other nutrient supplements to increase crop yields significantly under moderately to strongly acid soil conditions represents one of the farmer's most efficient means of increasing crop production and income.

     Tennessee Valley Resources, Inc. has been marketing and distributing quality liming and other nutrient enhancing products to the agricultural industry since 1978.  The corporate office is located in Jefferson City, TN and is staffed with customer service and sales personnel dedicated to meeting our corporate objective.

     Our objective is to supply our customers with economic quality products that can be efficiently spread to meet their soil sample analysis.  Meeting and maintaining an appropriate pH level helps our customers increase crop yields and improve their bottom line.


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