Dolomitic Limestone

Tennessee Valley Resources. (TVR), supplies high quality dolomitic limestone from stockpiles at New Market, TN and Gordonsville, TN. Calcium carbonate equivalent, a measurement of the neutralizing value of lime, is guaranteed from all locations. In addition to acid neutralizing properties, TVR dolomitic limestone provides magnesium, calcium, and trace amounts of zinc. TVR dolomitic limestone is produced from the zinc mining industry. The extremely fine materials are removed from the lime leaving a remarkably uniform product that meets or exceeds state specifications for all Southeastern states. Removal of these “fines” produces an easy handling, easily stored material. Typical ground limestone must be stored in buildings or under cover to prevent rainfall from causing the lime to “set up”. Rainfall goes right on through stockpiled TVR lime ensuring that the product will remain uniform and spreadable. Whether by truck or rail Tennessee Valley Resources can deliver high quality, easy handling lime to farm suppliers anywhere in the Southeast.


In addition to dolomitic limestone, TVR offers agricultural gypsum. This product is used by farmers to add calcium and/or sulfur. Gypsum is very water soluble and can be spread with the same equipment used to spread aglime. Gypsum has been shown to improve yield in most crops suffering from a calcium or sulfur deficiency. It also serves as a flocculating agent for compacted soil. When applied this product will help loosen soil while allowing better root penetration.